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Welcome to Tradewinds Kenya..
Tradewinds Aviation was formed as a result of merging two handlers, Peck Air and Tradewinds Express. Each operation brought a set of specific skills to the new organisation creating a handling company caters for the carriers as well as fulfills KAA requirements for ramp operations in Kenya..

Tradewinds Aviation prides itself on being flexible and quick to meet new challenges in an ever changing market place. For this reason the company has recognized the importance of offering a high level of periphery service to the carriers and other handlers operating at Kenya's Airports..
About us..
Tradewinds has been providing a complete ground handling service at Nairobi Airport for the last ten years, and are able to handle all types from light aircraft to Boeing 747-400 and AN124 freighters.

Considerable investments have been made in the ground handling equipment required to handle the aircrafts. This includes main deck loaders, lower deck loaders, pallet transporters, tractors, baggage trolleys, pallet dollies, toilet carts, conveyors, super steps, GPUs, towbars, as well as various engineering support equipment.

Our Services..
Tradewinds has always believed that the service they offer is only a minor part of the complete process in which they are involved.

We offer quality products and services to our customers. Our clients appreciate our ability to provide single source contact and control. We focus on delivery with respect, honesty, fairness, professionalism and attention to detail.

Our team of qualified staff are always at hand to make your ground handling experience memorable by offering a variety of services..